He was the first to greet me as we pulled into the driveway, his little face shining bright. I called him over to peek inside the car, to glimpse his new baby brother, all of 12 hours old. And sure enough, he glanced briefly into the car seat, taking in the view of the cozy […]

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He stands at the table. He looks sad, despondent. And my heart aches. As tumbling emotions combine with a reopening of wounds, my eyes fill with tears. The Shabbat candles flicker, while casting a warm, peaceful glow on my family’s faces. And there he stands, now pointing to the challah. You see, challah is Chaim Boruch’s favorite food […]

I haven’t been able to write for a while. I’m not sure I could say the reason for my absence has been “writers’ block,” but I could possibly describe it as a “heart block.” You see, I tripped in my home and broke my ankle in three places. Yes, three. Even the doctor called me […]

I’m not sure what really happened. I mean, I was on vacation with our family, relaxed and calm, enjoying a week by the sand and water, in a beautiful private home on Lake Tahoe. So serene, so soothing, just our family and the sound of the ripples of water. Chaim Boruch has been having more […]

It’s almost like a thick fog rolling in, yet this time it’s covering my heart, the sunlight from within. The fog is misty, white and gray . . . and I notice my vision is blurred with tears. I’m trying to hold tight, as the wind picks up, the breeze of life that can storm my heavens. It’s […]

The sunshine streams through my large floor-to-ceiling windows. I am enjoying a cup of tea and a quiet moment when my baby is sleeping and all is peaceful in my heart and home. I deeply appreciate these minutes of solitude. My mind is quiet and I pause, thanking G‑d for this point in time, when everything feels […]