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Memories of Mint Chocolate-Chip Ice Cream

Mint chocolate-chip ice cream. It’s been so many years. I had no idea a little taste could take me back in time. It was a relaxing Shabbat afternoon, soaking up the sunshine on comfy outdoor cushions. The sound of laughter from the kids filled the fresh air, and shadows of bouncy balls and sand toys danced along […]

A Piece of Jewelry

I must admit that I do love jewelry. I can linger next to any display case, admiring and often trying on pieces that glitter and shine. I have some favorite designers that are incredibly creative in their gemstone arrangement. Jewelry-making is truly a fine art. I also love another kind of jewelry which I cherish […]

Falling off My Merry Go Round

I really didn’t mean to. I had the best intentions. I really did. I mean, after all, I’m human. Or maybe I’m not … Maybe I’m simply a bundle of emotions and crushed energy, spinning in circles on my very own merry-go-round that isn’t so merry at times. I usually look up. I rarely look down. […]

KOOl to be KIND.

It wasn’t just an ordinary day. In fact, the day turned out to be extraordinary. The sun was shining, and Chaim Boruch was sitting at the table playing his favorite game on his iPad. The sound of the mailbox opened and closed, and the thud of a box landing on the doorstep brought kids with curious […]

Teaspoons of Hope

The doctors announced that Chaim Boruch would need swallow therapy. Hmmmm, this should be interesting, I thought, as I conjured up creative ways to help Chaim Boruch follow simple directions for swallowing when, the fact is, it’s challenging enough for him to simply follow directions for putting his backpack on the table. So last week at a follow-up […]

Hand in Hand with Bubby

Bubby had come to visit. Packed in her suitcase were not only clothes for her trip, but also the memories that she shares with each of her grandchildren. She spends time reading books, going for walks and playing games with each child. And I, her daughter, watch and soak up all the warm fuzzy feelings. Nostalgia kicks […]

What does ‘special needs’ really mean?

The dryer hummed behind the sweet sounds of kids playing. Just a regular Sunday afternoon, everyone relaxing and taking the day slow. I was enjoying the moment, the baby in my arms, just soaking up the good feelings, when my 5-year-old took a seat next to me on the couch. Her beautiful hazel eyes sparkled, […]