Do You Know What Love is?

Do you know what love is?

Love is when your community steps in to take on a shift of babysitting while you are in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit living a nightmare of nerves.
Love is when your family sends you messages of strength and sends dinner from the one kosher bakery in downtown San Francisco.
Love is when Chai Lifeline sends you gifts for your children knowing just how hard having a special needs brother can be.
Love is when your oldest son asks if he can make me a hot cup of tea when I come home late at night from the hospital.
Love is when your older kids who are out of town ask if I am doing something to pamper and take care of myself.
Love is when your younger kids cuddle up to you and help look out for each other.
Love is when your community sends messages of care and concern.
Love is when a construction worker at your son’s special needs school donates a wheelchair stroller to Chaim Boruch.
Love is when your gardener says he will pray for your child.
Love is when Yaldei Shluchei HaRebbe sends support to help with the overwhelming needs we are facing.
Love is when a friend in the medical supply business sends us boxes of everything we need.
Love is when a group of colleague mothers, who also have special needs children, send toys and a subscription for videos for Chaim Boruch and siblings.
Love is when your graduating class from high school places an order for almost one thousand dollars worth of kosher foods from Los Angeles, giving me the gift of easy to make dinners for my family.
Love is when those same classmates send you flowers on Friday for Shabbos.
Love is when your friends and colleagues from Northern CA check in on you daily.
Love is when your cleaning lady of 17 years has her eyes filled with tears and tells you it breaks her heart to see Chaim Boruch so sad.
Love is when your instructors and friends from Pure Barre send you strength with every message.
Love is when your mom tells you that she knows how hard things are and that she is with you in the struggle.
Love is when your father looks down on you from Heaven giving you a wink from above.
Love is when your husband leaves notes telling you how much he admires how you are managing and keeping strong.
Love is when your special needs son wraps his arms around you, even when it hurts.
This is love for which makes my world go round.
Thank you.

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