Could we ever look Back…

Could we ever look back, just you and I? Is my vision clouded with tears or with a fog from the depths of emotions of that very day.

The day when your beautiful soul entered this world.

I still panic in my heart when I see the pictures in my mindof those tender early wounds, the throbbing of a love so deep.

And I stand in awe at how we often fall, and how the dust in the battlefield can settle.

I marvel at the days that have turned to years,and how your sweet eyes still sparkle so bright.

I wonder what you feel in your heart, all day long and through the night.

I want to know what’s on your mind,and this alone shatters my heart, one beat at a time. A bar mitzvah like nothing I could ever imagine.

I have played the scene so beautifully while a wave of warmth washes over me.

I picture you standing in front of our Torah, feeling so grand and proud.

For even when you stand in silence, no brocha to be said,your precious smile and intention will bless the world instead.

This is what Hashem wants, this is His beautiful plan.

To shower upon you candies, to sing and dance and cheer.

The sweetest silent aliyah, to echo every corner of this earth.

For some things in life do not need volume, they are perfect holiness in all it’s being.

My dear and precious Chaim Boruch, you speak volumes with your soul.

Mazal Tov on your Bar Mitzvah.

A Shabbos to behold.

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