Special Tefillin Bags




This morning was Chaim Boruch’s Hanochas Tefillin. 

So much to be grateful for and so many emotions simmering in my heart.

I have chosen to focus on the excitement of this milestone and tuck away some of those heavier feelings for now.

To breathe love and passion into every detail, making this special day, all about him was my goal.

As you may know, Chaim Boruch has a love for school busses.

Maybe it’s because the bus driver greets him warmly, or maybe it’s the bumpy ride each day, I am not quite sure.

But what I do know, is I somehow needed to include school busses into this milestone.

I have shared with Chaim Boruch my excitement for this incredible moment of putting on Tefillin for the very first time.

I needed something that would be meaningful to Chaim Boruch while at the same time, meeting my desire that he will indeed be willing and wanting us to put Tefillin on him daily.

With Chaim Boruch, nothing is ever expected.

What I think will often be okay, is nothing at all close.

And in the moments when I anticipate disaster, I am shocked and somewhat amused by the absolute ease and calm in which our hearts meet.

The people in our lives extend far beyond our local community, who share in our family’s journey of raising a special needs child.

I am constantly in awe (and in gratitude!) for the random stranger on the street, the staff at Trader Joes who allow him to pack up our groceries, and now, some new friends I have met at Judaica Creations in New York.

With sensitivity, warmth and excitement they took the time to help me figure out what would be best for Chaim Boruch, while keeping the style of his Tefillin bags both meaningful and age appropriate.

With on point creativity, they suggested I line the bags with school bus fabric!

And thus began my search to find the perfect fabric that would compliment what he loves with maturity.

And so, a ‘one of a kind’ fabric made it’s way from a stranger in California, all the way to Brooklyn NY.

The leather, thread and embellishments were matched and within hours, not only did they create a stunning set for Chaim Boruch, they gifted us friendship.

With video clips of the process of how his bags were made, including special messages recorded from their staff, we put together a short video for Chaim Boruch to treasure forever.

This morning was a moment I will never forget. Chaim Boruch put on Tefillin for the very first time with absolute pure joy.

He opened his Tefillin bags, finding his precious new Tefillin, nestled in his love for school busses.

Thank you to Judaica Creations, for not only an exquisite product with endless options but for sharing in our journey, customizing every detail to fit the need. A special need.

Mazal Tov Chaim Boruch! We love you beyond what words could ever describe.

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