Good things take time.

And then theres the moment I wait for, giving space and time when it is necessary most, all while anticipating the one who makes the love in our family, come full circle.
As much as I tried to prepare Chaim Boruch for becoming a big brother again, I know that the reality of such an occasion and what he understands, may be completely different.
So, I step back, and out of the corner of my eye, I watch my special son take note, be curious, keep the distance he needs, until he is ready.
Each sibling in the meantime fill their hearts and arms with the cuddles and love of having a new baby in the home. Each sibling at some point, shares with me how incredible it is, enamored by this new tiny being that fits perfectly into our family.
And I continue to wait. To respect the time needed.
And I pray.
I pray that Chaim Boruch will soon come close, express himself and share his infinite love.
And this evening, that is what happened.
A special moment on the couch, just a mom and her ‘boys’.
I carefully adjusted my newborn’s position and spoke softly to our new baby, about how special his big brother Chaim Boruch is.
And then, I saw that smile and sparkle in his eye.
I held my breath and very slowly and carefully placed the baby on Chaim Boruch’s lap.
His shoulders relaxed and we shared a giggle at the beauty of the moment, while I exhaled gratitude.
Now my family is complete.
An incredible moment where one special brother holds his new ‘little brother’, not only in his arms, but in his heart forever.
Welcome home baby.


(Baby Boy Scop – born on April 23rd at 12:42 am, soon to be named at his bris iy”h)

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