Good Morning.


Morning Sunshine, my special ‘day dreamer’ on the couch!

The other night I had one of those dreams.

Those dreams that keep on dreaming.

A spark in the dark, pitch black, night sky.

A star that illuminates.

It was in my dream where my Chaim Boruch awoke with the dawn.

The sun’s first rays broke through our windows.

I stood there, before my smiling child.

Chaim Boruch spoke.

“Good Morning”, he said with a grin so wide.

In my dream, my eyes filled with tears, and my heart burst with deep joy.

His voice. His very own voice.

The sweetest I had ever heard.

The only voice I had ever heard.

Even in my dream, I can celebrate.

I can celebrate the reality within my dream.

I awake to my ‘day’ dream.

My ‘day’ dream indeed.

“Good Morning, my sweet Chaim Boruch”, I say with a smile.

He smiles at me with that brilliant smile, that says so much more than “Good Morning”…

It says, “keep on dreaming mommy, cuz dreams do come true”.

And so it was, my ‘night dream’, my ‘day dream’.

And so it is, my ‘life’ dream.

And so it will be, my very ‘good morning’, indeed.



  1. Nechama Dina Broner · · Reply

    Loved it! I have the same dream & I ask the aibershter everyday, may it become a reality TODAY!!amen!!

    Nechamah Dina Broner Sent from my iPhone

    1. Amen! The more we dream, the more it will happen! I know it! xo

  2. Isn’t a dream 1/60th of a prophecy? May it be so!

  3. Wow wow wow! You are actually such an inspiration! Not just saying, but actually! I’ve been going through your articles and you are simply incredible! It’s amazing how ou culd express it feelings in such an amazing way through your writing!! I’m just mind blown!

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