Laughter and Love

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It was a regular day with regular stuff happening.

You know…the beauty of routine and the comfort of being at home.

Kind of like those last few puzzle pieces so perfectly fitting into place.

This is how I felt.

Like playing freeze, when all the buzz settles into a quiet motionless being.

Intrigued by the laughter and it’s cause, I stopped what I was doing to take a peek…to place those little pieces into my picture puzzle.

Giggles and Laughter…the kind that is deep from within and feels so very good…so healing, so fulfilling.

A mere mattress, some blankets and pillows strewn across my living room yet it was their love and laughter that held their fort together.

Remember those days? Jumping from pillow to pillow, swimming across vast ocean floors right there in your very own home…

The essence of imagination, adventure, journeys and expeditions.

And before my very eyes, I became part of their little world.

Filling my heart with the beats that make me live.

That make me really Live. Love. And Laugh.

We still have our own vast oceans, right in our homes, often with raging storms and stunning sunsets.

Our pillows and blankets of life are strewn across our floors, somewhat frayed and worn from time, struggle, challenge, exhaustion.

Yet if you stop and listen carefully…you will hear…

Laughter and Love.

The tools to rebuild your fort.

The foundation to live your very own inner adventure, journey and expedition.

With Laughter.

With Love.

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