A Special Email.

CB emails


My very first email that I got from my dear Chaim Boruch!

When I heard of the suggestion to create an email for Chaim Boruch, at first I thought how would this really work!

Yet, my heart skipped a beat as I wrote my first email to him while he was in school.

And yes, I could have written for hours on end, maybe days and even weeks from sheer excitement!

Chaim Boruch can hear his iPad reading his emails to him and then based on the icons and pictures he clicks on, this is then recorded and emailed back to me as his reply.

Learning to communicate.

And then as the day went on, I carefully kept checking my ‘inbox’ somewhat not breathing awaiting a reply.

In the deepest of my heart I imagined a beautiful love letter from a son to his mother…I dreamed of all the things I wait for him to say to me, like “mommy” and “I Love You”…both of which will fill my entire being with incomprehensible gratitude.

Yet when I did indeed see an email instantly appear in between the thread of many others, just seeing that it was from “Chaim Scop” made me cry.

I wanted to shout out to the whole entire world that my child emailed me! He told me things that I didn’t know were on his mind.

Learning to communicate.

And as I read every word and letter, soaked up every piece of communication from my little 6 year old, I felt my heart fill with pride.

Again, I learned a life lesson.

To communicate, is to know many languages, even those unspoken.

A letter with a million words, formed into deep sentences, can still fail to communicate deep love and affection.

Every word he wrote spelled out L-O-V-E.

Those were his inner thoughts HE wanted to share.

Do I know the deep intrinsic meaning to what he wrote?

Not entirely.

But there is one thing I do know.

You can say “I LOVE YOU MOMMY” in more ways than one.

And to my dear special child…here is my reply:

Mommy.                                                                                                             Love.                                                                                                                Chaim Boruch.                                                                                                 Forever.                                                                                                             Thank you.                                                                                                                    For teaching me.                                                                                                             How to.                                                                                                        Communicate.

Love always,




  1. d. Kahn · · Reply

    What a great young man you are raising.

  2. Barbara Meyer · · Reply

    Chaim Boruch you make us all so happy happy happy! Chaim Boruch I love you! Kissies Kissies Kissies from Bubby.

    1. Thanks Ma, you are the best mom ever! I love getting your comments and reading them to Chaim Boruch!

  3. Nechama Dina Broner · · Reply

    Dear Chana I’m sooooo happy for you Chaim Boruch is BH making unbelievable progress!!!!wow!! Keep going Love Nechamah Dina

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. Thanks Nechama Dina, may we always see nissim!

  4. Every time I read about Chaim boruch (and I always follow to this from the art room!) I am filled with tears of emotion at both the amazing steps he takes and at you- chana! You remind us to appreciate All of our children.

  5. Kate Mansour · · Reply

    Chana, I cannot wait for Chaim to show you his report about his favorite author, Dr. Seuss! He selected all of his favorite pictures and typed captions using his ipad. I had tears in my eyes as he was so intently relaying his thoughts.

    1. You are the BEST teacher ever!!! xo

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