He is a Handful.

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I always look at Chaim Boruch for signs.


Colorful beautiful signs about his day.

He steps down from his school bus with his bright smile.

I look for more signs.

He pulls out his work from his backpack.

A white paper with pictures he chose, describing the things he liked about school that day…

“Speech Therapy”. “Reading”. “Computer Time”….and without fail: “Recess”.

He is so normal.

A ‘typical’ 6 year old who loves his ‘recess’.

And then I look at his hands.

Pudgy little cute hands.

I see stains of colorful ink.

But more than that, I see imagination, determination, growth, vitality, perception, passion, love and …talent.

A colorful sign… that he had a beautiful day.

We snuggle and ‘talk’…

Leaving the colors on his hands for as long as possible.

A handful of color.

A handful of ‘normal’.

A handful of magnificent signs.


2 thoughts on “He is a Handful.”

  1. Chaim Boruch you bring so much colour into our lives! May your hands be busy with wonderful, colourful, creativity and fun always!!! I love your beautiful colours Chaim Boruch.

  2. Rivky Greenberg

    You write so beautifully, Chana. You bring me to tears. Thank you for sharing the beautiful colors of the life of your beautiful son. May he always give you nachas and like his name, always bring life and blessing xoxo

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