Chaim Boruch has started to Speak!

Not yet with his own voice, not yet with his own sounds…

But from the technology of his beautiful iPad donated to him from Chai Lifeline  and with the unwavering support of our favorite teacher Ms. Kate and Dan from the Tech Center.

Ms. Kate announced:

“Ok, everyone, what time is it?” (now picture being a teacher of varying special children…all non-verbal…keeping everyone on task, teaching these children modes of communication based on each child’s level…and indeed her voice remains sweet and soft and inspiringly quiet.)

And suddenly, in front of everyone’s eyes, Chaim Boruch ran (probably lurched with his determined yet unsteady steps…but I like to think ‘ran’…note the desperation in my voice!) over to his iPad and navigated through various categories to click on icons which symbolize words.

His little finger, with so much power in it, gently and carefully tapped on the screen, producing the vocalization of the following words:




An absolute dream come true.

If there was ever a moment where time stood still, it was the moment his teacher called me, only minutes after Chaim Boruch ‘spoke’…to share and relay this milestone in our life.

Chaim Boruch is learning to communicate.

And indeed…it was time for snack.

Now, it may not have been the ‘words’ I literally hear in my dreams late at night, but as I got off the phone, reeling from sheer gratitude, I thought about his first few ‘words’.


A message from the heart of my dearest 6 year old.

GO reach for the stars. WANT deep from within. SNACK on Life.

GO nourish your body and Soul and WANT all your dreams to come true. SNACK and savor the little things in life…frequently, without fail.

Who wants to miss snack?

Not me.


Love mom.



  1. Barbara Meyer · · Reply

    Chaim Boruch you are so smart! I am so proud of you. I know you can do it and I look forward to “hearing” so much more from you. May you continue to be such a wonderful source of joy and inspiration to all of us. Go Chaim Boruch!!! Love, Bubby

    1. I love you Bubby…love always, Chaim Boruch!

  2. Heather Kriensky · · Reply

    My heartfelt congratulations on this beautiful progression. What a blessing!!!!! All the best- Heather

  3. You brought tears to my eyes.

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