Missing 5%

When you are so in love with those little eyes, that just stare right back at you, you sometimes let the ‘wonder’ dissipate.

Well, after 6 years, we have finally found a diagnosis for Chaim Boruch.

Now in truth, the diagnosis was really from Hashem.

A Cute, Lovable, Pure Soul Syndrome.

However, the geneticists were not needed to confirm this.

In my heart, this was ‘information’ that was born to me.

A ‘special soul’ . Confirmed.

Yet, ‘wonder’ is an interesting habit, I think many of us struggle with an open ended wonderment. I know I did….and when I allow myself to go ‘there’ I still do.

Yet, new testing became available which did not exist when Chaim Boruch was born. (I find that so amazing!, how I was gently guided into a world of ‘special needs’ to get to the place where I am today, to find out a diagnosis that I am not sure I would have wanted to know about 6 years ago.)

So we journeyed through unfamiliar territory and have found closure to some of our questions.

Micro Deletion Syndrome.

Chaim Boruch is missing 5% of Chromosome #6.

Just 5%.

That’s all.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

He still laughs, smiles and wins the hearts of all who meet him.

He is still the love of our family and the core of what life is truly all about.

It kind of brought some closure to the wonder…

He came home from school and as he entered the door with his huge smile and shiny eyes, we cheered for our little one!!!

With laughter, celebration and loud cheer, we welcomed our ‘Lucky #6’ home from school!

It was actually quite a scene as Chaim Boruch let out one of his ‘aaaaaaaahhhhhhh’ triumphant sounds, as if he had been awarded some golden trophy!

Once again….teaching me, showing all of us….

A deletion, the mere fact of missing something, can be celebrated!

We smile, we laugh and we move on.

I love that little one!

My lucky #6.

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