Tight Hug on a Hard Day

So, I was having a hard day today.

Just everything bubbling in my heart.

Many bubbles…almost all of them bursting with different emotions.

I tried to just be within the moment and look into my children’s little faces.

I always do this on hard days…it helps me focus and stay grounded…

how could it not? after all…they are such little faces…

So bedtime arrived at that perfect moment:)

and I decided I would tuck myself into bed with Chaim Boruch.

What can I say? He is just the essence of comfort and love.

He needed no explanation….and nor did he ask…

But after I snugggled up to him, I told him I was having a hard day.

He smiled and wrapped his hands around me and held me tight.

He knows. He knows so much. He knows more than we all know.

He is kind, gentle, caring, loving, giving and pure.

So very pure.

I love you Chaim Boruch.

Sweet dreams…


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