Happy Chanukah!


A freilichin Chanukah!

Miracles are in the air.

Miracles of oil…

Miracles of my child.

So, yes, an EEG confirmed that Chaim Boruch has “General Epilepsy”.

I have entered a new world.

One of seizures, medication and side effects.

Yet I have also entered a new universe…

of awe, grattitude, acceptance, and wonder.

I hold Chaim Boruch close.

I ask him to please be okay.

He nodds yes and smiles.

He smiles.

Never underestimate the power of a smile.

He is a little miracle.

His life, his body, his soul, his outlook…

all a miracle.

I can see the light of chanukah dance in his eyes.

I am blessed.

Happy Chanukah Chaim Boruch.

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