It has been so challenging trying to fit in a few minutes to write and yet when each day comes to an end I feel a longing to just sit and write, and talk and dream on paper. My eyes close too quickly as the exhaustion from the day sets in and the cup of tea on my lap begins to cool…too quickly…

Why are these days just rushing by? Is it because my list is endless and the responsibilieis are too many to count?

I had a delicious cuddle with Chaim Boruch on my lap today. He was warm and snuggled in my arms and although I must admit, he is bigger than my lap, I am amazed how he fits so perfectly.

Sometimes that is what it is about. Making things fit. Making things work. Stopping the routine to just ‘stop’.

As a face paced, quick thinking wife and mother, with days that don’t foster laziness or boredome, I see the need to just ‘be silent’.

I look back at my busy day today and ponder what I enjoyed the most?

It was my cuddle with my son. It was the giggle that I shared with my daughter while escaping together to run to the store…it was cradling my baby in my arms before she drifted off to sleep…

Could I ever wish that these moments were spent doing something else?


It’s the little things…

that really aren’t little at all.

Good night my dear family.

Enjoy sweet dreams.

love mom.

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