A Special Kiss…


I was putting Chaim Boruch to bed.

Lying next to him and talking to him about his day.

I looked into his eyes trying to read his sparkle and smile.

Chaim Boruch loves to give hugs and to cuddle.

I have asked him to give me a kiss as I would plant one on his cheak…

but he just didn’t know how…

I wouldn’t give up…

Who would?

A kiss from a special son…I would always dream of the moment…

So last night, I gave him a good night kiss.

A kiss full of hope, prayer, heart felt yearnings…

I asked him if he could give mommy a kiss…

He nodded YES!

So I turned my cheak towards his little pink lips and he pulled his head towards mine.

And then ever so gently his lips touched my cheek.

He gave me a KISS!

What more could a mother dream of?

What more could I want?

Nothing but more kisses.

That’s all.

Simple. Love. Perfection.

I love your Kisses Chaim Boruch.

You made my heart sing.

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