A New Backpack…A New School.



I start kindergarten this week.


I’m nervous.


I have butterflies in my stomach.


Well, it’s not really me who is going to kindergarten.

It’s Chaim Boruch.

He is going to a new school.

New teacher.

New classmates.

New worries.

I have been trying to prepare him…

I have been trying to prepare myself…

Does he hear the voice in my heart?

I wonder if he will be okay. I wonder what he understands.

I pray that he will know in his heart that I will come back to pick him up.

Although silently, a piece of my heart will be left in his backpack.


All colorful and bright.

Yet my feelings are grey and dull…full of worry and concern.

Chaim Boruch…

Please be okay.


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