Dressed for a Journey


On shabbos afternoon, in the middle of our Kiddush lunch, I saw that Chaim Boruch’s clothes needed to be changed as he had just finished eating, and of course there were plenty remains on his shirt and pants.

So, I took a chance.

A very good chance indeed.

I asked Chaim Boruch if he would please walk to his room, open the drawer and take out pants and a shirt and bring them back to me.

Chaim Boruch nodded and with a smile, walked away, heading in the direction of his room.

Well, it was only a few minutes later that I turned around to see the most fabulous sight!

Chaim Boruch standing and holding a new pair of pants!

I just couldn’t believe my eyes!

He is just so amazing!

I am in awe.

My kids all cheered for him with delight and amazement…

What a beautiful shabbos it was.

Full of new beginnings.

Full of accomplishments.

Then, just like in my dreams, we walked together holding hands, and chose a shirt!

Dressed for a journey.


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