Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk. Well, I did.***

I know it was just an accident.

It was a day that seemed to spiral…

A rainy, stormy day outside.

An anxious day inside.

My husband left tonight to Australia for a week.

There was much to do and my nerves were slightly shaken.

Chaim Boruch was having a tantrum in his highchhair.

Tears, pink cheeks, kicking legs, thrashing arms….

He was frustrated.

I was weak.

I was trying to calm him and give him his bowl of baby food.

His little hand, full of frustration hit the bowl.

It was only an accident.

It went flying across the kitchen.

Baby food splatter was everywhere.

Tears just filled my eyes.

Isn’t there a saying “don’t cry over spilled milk?”

He was crying and so was I.

I just needed a calm day.

That’s all.

I just couldn’t keep it all together.

Inside my heart, I felt his tantrum.

Inside my heart, I prayed for strength.

Some days…

you do cry over spilled milk.

But then, when you wipe up the spill…

You soak up the tears.

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