Chaim Boruch CAN walk!!!!!

The most beautiful shabbos of my life.

My husband was sitting on a chair in our living room.

I was sitting opposite him on the couch.

My children are all around.

Chaim Boruch is standing in front of me, leaning into my arms.

I asked Chaim Boruch if he wanted to try walk to Tatty.

He nodded yes with a brilliant smile.

I turn him to face my husband and within a few seconds, Chaim Boruch took 6 steps on his own to my husband.

Wobbly, shakey, uneven, unorganized.

Beautiful, exquisite, triumphant.


We cheered. We laughed. We sang.

Our hearts were bursting.

Our prayers were answered.

My child CAN walk.

My child  CAN walk.

Can the whole world hear me?

My Chaim Boruch CAN walk!

I love you Chaim Boruch.

I love you for dreaming big, I love you for reaching the stars.

I love you for getting back up, after you fall.

I just love you.



p.s. To the neurologist who told me Chaim Boruch would never walk:

 “Never underestimate the steps of a special needs child”.


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  1. YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT photo, too!

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