Light at the end of the Tunnel



I woke up to Chaim Boruch’s kvetchy noises, crys and those sounds of frustration and stubborness.

Well…you guessed it, he never made it onto his bus and missed school.

At first it threw my whole morning off as I was planning on going out.

I was in my “perfectly planned mode” where I had everything set in my mind…

Funny, how one would think I would have overcome my nature to plan things perfectly and THINK they will work out that way…

Shouldn’t I be used to dissapointment?

I guess it’s that ‘journey’ like the waxing and waning of the moon…

that’s how I feel sometimes…the ebb and flow…

good days and hard days…calm minutes and chaotic minutes…

So today my plan fell a part…but my Chaim Boruch put it back together…

With different puzzle pieces than what I started with…but beautiful ones nonetheless.

So, I deleted the extra dessert for shabbos, the green leaf lettuce salad and the quiet cup of hot cocoa just for me…

I snuggled up next to Chaim Boruch trying to console him and make him feel better. I spoke to him softly and told him that I too know those days when you just want to cry and cry and cry some more.

I told him how it’s okay to just be frustrated with the tiniest things and that when he’s ready we can play…

And play we did!

I had such a beautiful Friday morning!

Better than a cup of cocoa in peace, better than salads and desserts…

We snuggled, we laughed…we played…

What a wonderful Friday.

Thank you Chaim Boruch for showing me the light at the end of the tunnel.


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