Well, Chaim Boruch is settling in very nicely with his new baby sister and I am overjoyed at his new found acceptance of baby Shaina.

I find it amazing how time has given Chaim Boruch a new look on life.

He actually doesn’t mind being close to Shaina and has even laughed and smiled at her and is more intrigued than resentful.

Sometimes I wonder about how ‘time’ really plays such a huge part in life and specifically, in the life of a special child.

I wonder about the worries in my heart and how that, G-d willing, there will be a day when once again time will have transformed my worries into beautiful wings that will help my child fly.

Until then it is the struggle and inner battle to keep the spirits high and the gratitude at its peek.

When I see Chaim Boruch smile at Shaina, I know the world smiles too.

Time is a gift.

May we all use it well.

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