I didn’t think a ‘Walker’ could look so Magnificent!!

Chaim Boruch walked through our front door in a walker!

We have waited so long for this moment and I can’t even fathom that today on this cloudy, rainy day my little sunshine could create such bright beautiful light!

I have fallen in love with his wobbly knees and uneven steps, his shaky movements and his beautiful proud smile!

It is a day of happy tears and a day I’ll never forget.

It is a day that merely ‘walking’ means so much to me.

It is more than “baby steps” for Chaim Boruch…it is a ballet of beautiful graceful leaps and pirouettes in the world of a special needs child.

I have learned to embrace and love the steps I take even at moments in my own life when I too have wobbly knees and some very uneven steps.

It is the courage, commitment, perseverance and devotion that make “baby steps” turn into leaps without any boundaries.

Chaim Boruch, we are so proud of you!

May you have the strength to keep showing mommy and the whole world how to take steps in the journey of life.

1 thought on “I didn’t think a ‘Walker’ could look so Magnificent!!”

  1. Devorah Leah Mishulovin

    Nice blog, good for you! And cute kid. bh.When my Sheina was about 4-5 she also had a walker, twas amazing how she would maneuver that thing…flip it around to turn around…till bh she got so good at walking and then didnt need it bh.

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