Zeidy, we miss you…


sruly and schneur 001

Today was a heavy day, filled with emotion and a heavy heart…

Today was my father’s first Yartzeit.

It’s a very unreal feeling of the passing of time with memories from long ago and memories from what feels like yesterday…

A long day. A sad day.

I waited for Chaim Boruch to return from school.

He is my comfort.

No words. No noise. No judgment.

Only comfort.

Chaim Boruch and I snuggled up together and he wrapped his arm around mine stroking my hand.

He knew the feelings in my heart. He new my loss. He understood.

I told him that I missed Zeidy.

He still held on to me.

That’s all I needed.

Thank you Chaim Boruch.

Zeidy loves you too.

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