The Yellow School Bus


The cool crisp winter air entered our warm home as we opened the front door at 7:40 am waiting to listen for Chaim Boruchs school bus to arrive.

You can see Chaim Boruch’s eyes light up and his smile broaden as he makes his ‘happy sounds’ indicating sheer excitement.

The bus engine can be heard and my husband scoops up Chaim Boruch in his arms and our whole family waves good bye and wishes him a good day.

Even little Sruly, only two years old, exclaims the loudest “Bye, Boruch, Bye Boruch!”

Chaim Boruch waves back with a proud look on his face…

I wonder what he is proud of…is it his family that he adores? is it his accomplishment of the growth he has made in going to school? is it the deep knowledge that we support him and just love him for who he is?

Chaim Boruch is buckled into his seat and as he peers out his window, still with a grin, I whisper a short prayer that he should have a safe, happy day.

In my heart, I am also praying for a time I still await…

For my son to return home and tell me about his day.

Chaim Boruch- I will always be here…waiting for you.

As long as it takes.

I will wait.

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