Did rain ever look so beautiful?****



It was a Sunday morning after a very busy Shabbos and my husband and I decided to have a day with no agenda!

These are my favorite days…kids still in pajamas by noon, music playing, kids laughing, duvets, pillows, blocks, dolls scatter the floor…imagination with no boundaries.

Then the first real rainfall began.

It was just a pitter-patter at first and then the drops grew plumper and created more sound with each splash.

I was sitting on the couch next to Chaim Boruch, just enjoying the moment.

I turned to him and said ” Chaim Boruch, can you sign rain?”

“Look, mommy will show you how to sign rain”

and so I did, I took both my hands and made the motions of falling raindrops…

Chaim Boruch looked at me with that stunning smile, he took that silent moment to think…and then with that twinkle in his eyes and a proud grin, he took both his hands and signed “rain”.

How the rain on that Sunday morning was unlike any other rain.

Thank you Chaim Boruch for showing me the signs to see rain and notice it’s beauty.

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