Dear Friend,

Chaim Boruch, as you may know, is the epitome of joy, happiness, love and sweet simplicity.

He is a gift to our family, our community and the world at large.

In preparing for this special celebration, we thought about the kind of event that would last beyond the moment. We wanted to choose a gift to honor Chaim Boruch, that would have a ripple effect in our community.

Chaim Boruch, as you know, is not yet able to speak. Therefore, he will not be able to be called up to the Torah in the typical fashion. Yet, as we know, the foundation of a Jewish community is a Torah Scroll. It is the blueprint for life, the link in an eternal chain from Mount Sinai until today and beyond. 

And so, we felt that the greatest expression of an extra special Bar Mitzvah, would be to complete a Sefer Torah (a Torah Scroll) in his honor. A Torah dedicated to the unique beautiful journey of a special needs child and a testimony to the intrinsic beauty that lights up the world by such a special soul.

This meaningful celebration will take place on Sunday August 18 at the Aqua Hotel. (Please click on ‘Invitation’ above for more information.)

Please consider becoming a partner in the writing of this Torah, honoring our son and by extension, all children with special souls.

With deep gratitude for your friendship and support,

yours sincerely,
Rabbi Hillel and Chana Scop

It is a great merit to contribute financially to a new Torah scroll, thus fulfilling the biblical obligation for every Jew to write a Torah scroll. We offer sponsorships for letters, words, or even entire sections of our new Torah scroll. However, this Torah is in honor of Chaim Boruch and a gift to us all for his Bar Mitzvah, so please join us in this celebration and don’t feel the need to sponsor anything in order to come and participate. 

We are celebrating the life of Chaim Boruch and having each of you there will make this milestone so very meaningful. If you do wish to contribute to the Torah you will find many options Above.

Torah Partners

Thank you for partnering with us in honoring Chaim Boruch with a Sefer Torah, celebrating the life of special needs children worldwide.








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