And then theres the moment I wait for, giving space and time when it is necessary most, all while anticipating the one who makes the love in our family, come full circle. As much as I tried to prepare Chaim Boruch for becoming a big brother again, I know that the reality of such an […]

A farmers’ market experience is one close to the heart of many Californians. An opportunity to stroll through dozens of open tents, displaying a plethora of fruits and vegetables, flowers and other such delights. The produce is as fresh as one could dream of, with farmers standing by each case of overflowing produce with pride. […]

My dearest Chaim Boruch. I am very sorry. I really am. More than you’ll ever understand. And more than you’ll ever know. I didn’t fit the puzzle pieces together. Yet I’m sure you had each one fitting perfectly in your beautiful pure mind. You came home with scratches on your ear, open wounds of some sort. […]

It all began when I received an email from Chaim Boruch’s new teacher. I was in midst of hectic dinner preparations while bracing myself for hurricane homework. I glanced at the email asking me if my husband and I would like to come to Chaim Boruch’s class to talk about being Jewish. At first glance, […]

He stands before the basketball hoop, gazing up at the perfect blue sky. His siblings are full of laughter and cheerful shouts as they toss their basketballs heavenward. I look at the scene and admire their coordination, strength, perfected moves and mobility. Chaim Boruch is still standing in midst of the “game,” enjoying the team […]

Mint chocolate-chip ice cream. It’s been so many years. I had no idea a little taste could take me back in time. It was a relaxing Shabbat afternoon, soaking up the sunshine on comfy outdoor cushions. The sound of laughter from the kids filled the fresh air, and shadows of bouncy balls and sand toys danced along […]

I must admit that I do love jewelry. I can linger next to any display case, admiring and often trying on pieces that glitter and shine. I have some favorite designers that are incredibly creative in their gemstone arrangement. Jewelry-making is truly a fine art. I also love another kind of jewelry which I cherish […]